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Black Hill Open Results

March 16, 2019

On Saturday, March 16th FOBA held it's first fundraising derby at Little Seneca Lake (Black Hill).  These events are open to all members or non-members provided that at least one angler on each boat is a FOBA member (can be either the boater or the co-angler).


This lake has a reputation for being very challenging in the early spring and the tournament day lived up to that reputation.  In total, 22 fish for a cumulative weigh of 39 lbs 3 oz were weighed in by the full field of 20 anglers.  FOBA utilized its Catch-Weigh-Release format since it is currently closed season for bass in MD non-tidal waters.  All boats are provided with identical calibrated scales and fish are weighed, verified, recorded, and then released.  

The anglers were greeted by strong winds frequently gusting over 30mph, mostly sunny skies, and cool temperatures.  The water was 43 to 45 degrees with 3 to 6 feet of visibility on average in the main lake areas, with some areas having more stained water and warmer temperatures.   

Boater Results:

1st - Logan Summers - 5 fish / 11-15

2nd - John Weiskopf - 3 fish / 7-13

3rd - Greg Greene - 4 fish / 4-10

4th - Joe Pautler - 2 fish / 3-15

5th - Shawn Cowart - 1 fish / 1-10

6th (T) - Dan Surma - 0 fish

6th (T) - Mark Lim - 0 fish

6th (T) - Adam Simpson - 0 fish

6th (T) - Steve Soherr - 0 fish

6th (T) - Zachary Klipstein - 0 fish

Co-Angler Results:

1st - Chris Hawkins - 1 fish / 3-6

2nd - Gary Moore - 2 fish / 2-6

3rd - Zach Moore - 2 fish / 2-5

4th - Chris Watson - 1 fish / 1-3

5th (T) - Bryan Mitchell - 0 fish

5th (T) - Rum Kelly - 0 fish

5th (T) - Eli Golfer - 0 fish

5th (T) - Bryce Thomas - 0 fish

5th (T) - Hansel Pham - 0 fish

5th (T) - Chris Sewell - 0 fish

Boater winner Logan Summers reported catching his fish on a jerkbait, jig, and spinnerbait.  The jerkbait fish came in clear water on the main lake while the rest of the fish were far back in a creek where he found muddy water that was considerably warmer than the rest of the lake.  He also caught the largest fish of the day at 3-10, which came on a spinnerbait in shallow water.  

Co-Angler winner Chris Hawkins caught only 1 fish, but it was a good one and was enough to win by over a pound.  He reported catching it on a jig in the back of a creek.  

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